Scam report about Sharon Michael

First name:  Sharon
Last name:  Michael
Aka:  Carol Benson
Age:  35
Location:  USA, Flint, Michigan
Phone:  2348081361202
On websites:
Report:  Says that she is art dealer/collector and that she is stuck in Lagos, Nigeria and need a ticket to get home. Her dad was killed in a car crash and her mom is handicapped by the accident. She is supposedly born in London, UK. She states that she is 35 yrs. old and from Flint Michigan. She calls to try to get more money to pay hotel bill, to send her art work home, and to help her get out of the country. She states that she is being held by customs and not able to get home. She uses beautiful words to try to make you feel that you are the one. Supposedly her name is sharon annie michael hoffman.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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