Scam report about Hannah Fatios

First name:  Hannah
Last name:  Fatios
Age:  21 OR 20
Location:  Dayton, Ohio, USA
Report:  This girl it's a totally gold-digger, first started to giv her a present to her Nigerian friend spent $100, then someone stole her ticket to fly to US, she wanted $600, then she ahd an accident like $700, left me with a big amount to pay to my bank around $1600 USD, and my accounts got closed because it was too much to pay and still paying, after that she told me her dad died and wnated too much money for food like $100, then $200 for her friend's exam, then she promised me to pay college and she didn't paid college and neitehr gave me all the money back,then she started to requested me money her lawyer, her friend got sick of malaria, a reverse transfer, then food again,and still reuqesting me for her friend, that was it

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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