SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Nadezhda Kryukova (Krukova)

First name: Nadezhda
Last name: Kryukova (Krukova)
Age: 29
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Address: Burceva street. house 1 appartment 61, postal code: 199004
On websites: Lavalife (Canada),,
Report:     sent me exact same letters as Gavin, also asked for visa and airfare money, i sent $1,630.00 US to her like an idiot. She is still talking to me by email and the use of a phone card :000-012-3456. she asked me for more money as she needs to show her embassy and airport that she has funds to support her 90 day visa in Canada in the amount of $2,400.00 US calculated at $27.00 a day. I stopped at this point and confronted her as being sited as a scammer. Her reply to this was that someone is using her info and pictures on the internet. Hope that you can help me on this one, don't know if she is telling the truth. Thanks
Status of report: is still without proof