Scam report about Lita Shannon

First name:  Lita
Last name:  Shannon
Aka:  destykisses; Destiny
Age:  38
Location:  Lagos Nigeria
Report:  This is an excerpt for a Yahoo Chat session (I have the entire conversation saved), where Lita Shannon asked me for $200 to pay for part of a hotel bill she said was outstanding. She also sent me an email that had a reservation on Virgin Airlines to come to Tampa. The reservation was from Lagos Nigeria to Miami via Heathrow. When I checked the confirmation numbger against her last name on Virgin's Web Site, it said the confirmation number did not exist. I have saved the screen shot for Virgin and email with the fake reservation. I also have an email with pictures, but I doubt they are of the person I was chatting with... Lita Shannon: i wnt u to put me up on ur scammer's list Dizzydrb: What? Dizzydrb: You are making no sense .... Dizzydrb: I have a conference call in 7 minutes (or less) - what kind of help do you need? Lita Shannon: the same ole thing that would make u put me in ur scam list Dizzydrb: You said you didn't need money - so what else would make me think you are a scammer? Lita Shannon: $$ Dizzydrb: What do you need $$ for - you have your ticket already... Lita Shannon: nope, am short of cash,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i just paid my last hotel bills, am packed and am waiting . . . . . Dizzydrb: What do you need cash for??? Dizzydrb: I have to go ... Lita Shannon is using an older version of Yahoo! Messenger and certain features may be unavailable. Click here to invite Lita Shannon to upgrade. Dizzydrb: They just cancelled my conf call. Do you still want to chat? Lita Shannon: yes Dizzydrb: k....... Lita Shannon: am just short of $200 for which paid my hotel bill Dizzydrb: When I see you in person ... we can talk about that. Lita Shannon: u want me to swim all the way to the states huh Dizzydrb: You already have a plane ticket ... or don't you? Lita Shannon: yeah but i wanna pay for the last hotel bill,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thats wat i said Dizzydrb: You said you paid your bill....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i just paid my last hotel bills, am packed and am waiting . . . . . Lita Shannon: yeah on credit . . . . . . . Lita Shannon: i have not really given him the cash . . . . Dizzydrb: Well ... if he has charged your credit card he is happy. We can talk about a loan to pay off your credit card when I see you. Lita Shannon: it aint a card, . . . . Lita Shannon: i need to give him befre i leave ok

Status of report:  is still without proof

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