First name: Kelly
Last name: Dina
Aka: kelliecuttie
Age: 28
Phone: 447958364369
On websites:
Report:     I met her on the website which her profile said she was in Georgia. She then informed me she was working for a children's center in London and grew up in Australia. She moved there from the USA after he father was killed. After a couple of weeks she was in love and lef the site because she found what she was looking for. After a few weeks she asked me to send her 430 GBP to purchase a laptop because she did not have one to write me and had to go to the business center. She became very upset when I did not send her the money but I did purchase a laptop on ebay and had it sent to her. She was happy again and said she was coming to see me. She then informed me the day before she was leaving that the customs agent said she could not leave for the US because she needed at least 1000 GBP Basic Travel Allowance. Needless to say I do a lot of international travel and know this to be false. I checked back on the website and found her profile and that she had been active.
Status of report: is still without proof