Scam report about Mary 

First name:  Mary
Age:  29
Location:  Ghana, Accra
Phone:  +233272436493
On websites:  Chineselovelinks,Myforeignbride
Report:  Only read the stuff from her......hahaha..... atta_0244 (26.04.2008 18:12:33): My dad is froM Togo i was Stay with my Dad and i havE lost my DeaR now i have Come to my muM there in GhAna atta_0244 (26.04.2008 18:19:15): Now i want a Good to marriEd atta_0244 (26.04.2008 18:21:16): It will be 28aril atta_0244 (26.04.2008 18:21:31): That will be My Birthday atta_0244 (26.04.2008 18:22:31): Do you like mE to your lovE my Dear atta_0244 (26.04.2008 20:17:19): dear my mum sAid that it wIll take lontIme to get thE thing you wIll send me atta_0244 (26.04.2008 20:48:25): if you know that you love you will said that you atta_0244 (26.04.2008 20:50:10): if you love somone you have to do somthing so that it will show the love that will show the love you have ok u send money to me ok atta_0244 (26.04.2008 20:55:04): if you can buy the cam of me i will be happy ok atta_0244 (26.04.2008 20:55:53): if you like buy me the cam tomorrow so that you can see me ok me:(26.04.2008 21:10:55): look for another idiot to send money

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