Scam report about Irina Proylova

First name:  Irina
Last name:  Proylova
Age:  28
Location:  Russia Izhevsk
Address:  Street address str, Krasnoarmeiskaya 15-96;
On websites:  Relatieplanet dutch site
Report:  Good afternoon, my dear Ronald! I am very glad to receive your letter. Thanks for your words sensitive to me, is very pleasant to read me your letters, I like them to read, they very strongly inspire me also to me it seems, that I can thaw from them. I love your letters. Today at me very good news. I communicated with best girlfriend Svetoy and spoke with her. It has told to me as I can contact Agency. I was very grateful to her for the help. After that I began to go to Agency and to find out detailed information on arrival to you. The Agent helped with this to me. It has told to me, that the tourist visa will be necessary for me (for 2 months) she is done from 5-6 days, she will cost to me 100 Euro. The passport is required to me, he prepares from 2-3 days he will cost to me 50 Euro.. Insurance is required to me, he prepares day which will cost to me 30 Euro. My Agent searched for the cheapest tickets for the near future (flight) in your city. The ticket will cost to me 590 Euro. It has told to me, that it is the cheapest and reliable tickets up to you. Ronald, I do not know, that to me to do. I can pay mine only: the Passport, insurance and the visa. I could save some capital for this purpose. I do not know, how many I still should save funds on the ticket, but it seems to me, that I shall save approximately as early as a year on this ticket. At me good work, but greater funds pay to me not. I do not know, that to me to make. I called to mum and tried to explain to her all situation. I wished to borrow at her some capital on my ticket, but she has told, that she very strongly would like to help me, but she to not have the capital what to help me. I really love mum and I trust her. Dear mine, Ronald I do not know, that to me to do!!! It seems to me, that you now at present my savior and certainly my love. Since yesterday, I really very strongly wanted to you. With me, that that occured. Earlier I when did not feel this. Ronald, it seems to me, that it is true love which I waited. But now I cannot divide my time with you. It is a pity to me, that you now not beside with me. I very strongly grieve without your caress and heat to me. I do not wish to be one on light. I wish to be with the favourite person, Ronald, with you and with anybody another. I have understood, that you my heart-felt and best friend, yesterday I have understood, that you washing the special person. I feel all this. I do not know, to feel you too most or not. But, Ronald, you began to play very important role for me. You are in my heart and I do not want, that you have broken him. Every minute, I think, that does my favourite, Ronald, I very strongly to be jealous you. I do not wish to see you with other girl. I LOVE YOU, Ronald!!!!!! Ronald, at present you my unique friend who can help me with my ticket. I do not know, to trust you to me or not. But I trust you therefore, without trust it is impossible to live. Trust, this main thing in a life. I do not know, there can be you laugh at my feelings or not. But I very strongly respect with you and began to trust you. I have fallen in love with you. I all time think only of you and there is nobody the friend. Other men who every day drink are not necessary to me and do very bad things. Ronald, from your letters I have understood, that you very good and kind person, you wish me only kindly and a happy life. I wish too most to make for you, whether not so? Also I want, that you would make me very happy woman. All time reflecting on you. I with impatience shall wait your letter and the answer on my small questions. I require you, Ronald! Please, Ronald do not leave me from this life!!!!! Always with you, Yours Irina This is the letter wher she asked for money

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