First name: Jessica
Last name: James
Aka: Jessica
Age: 32
Location: Country...Nigeria..City.. Ilesa. Osun state
Address: F82 ayeso street 23401
On websites: Yahoo,com
Report:     Jessica Clams to be a USA citizen form Illinois USA and will ask you to send $ 700.00 to her travel argent so she can return home. When ask for a copy of her pass port , she then needed $300.00 to renew. I then ask for copy Of her old pass port. She needed $55.00 to pay for copy. I sent the money but never got a copy. She will ask for money to buy food as she has nothing to eat. She will ask for money for her sick mother who can not buy medication. Loves to pick on old men as I. I am 66 years old . When ask why you pick on a old man she will replay I just fell in love with you and age makes no difference. I spent four months and $55.00 to gather information on this scammer . She will send you vary sexy pictures of her. If you refuse to send her more money she will get up set and till you must trust her as she can not live with out you. She works Yahoo personals seeking out old men looking for a younger woman. This is the fourth one I have exposed in the last eight months.
Status of report: is still without proof