SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Avrora Chernichenko

First name: Avrora
Last name: Chernichenko
Aka: Smoline
Age: 31
Location: Shahtersk, Ukraine
Address: Shahtersk , Proletarskaya street, 5, Ukraine 34000
Phone: +3 8 093 450 30 42
On websites: mybelovednet
Report:     I did the orignal report. She then appeared on my beloved so I contacted here again using different email. Her letters are a mix of personal and boilerplate. Many of her photos still have the camera ID data, showing about 3 years dates. Suspect husband wife team. We reached love, marriage and plannig my visit when I let her know who I was. Since then no more email. may be a rental scam but is not visa/passport. Sent registered letter to postal address that came back no such address. Second address has postal code that does not exist.
Status of report: is still without proof