SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Anna Kurshakova

First name: Anna
Last name: Kurshakova
Aka: Valentina, Tatyana kilemarova
Age: 29
Location: Yoshkar Ola, Mary El, Russia
Address: 422000
On websites: LavaLife
Report:     I first came into contact with Anna back in February'08. She wrote almost everyday and sent a new picture of herself everyday. After a few letters she asked me to come to Russia. Then within a couple days she had told me that she went to the agency and she is now going to come to Canada to see me. She never asked for any money at that time but it wasn't long until she said that she needed some money to pay for her travel. She asked me for $1050. I kept putting off sending her money until I could find out more information about her. When I asked her questions she would always ignore them and when I asked her why she doesn't answer them, she accused me of not trusting her. A friend of mine had mentioned that she thought that Anna was a scammer but I guess I didn't want to believe it. Anna told me that she loved me and couldn't live without her 'favorite' and she wanted me to be her husband and wanted to be a mother to my kids. Anna was getting very persistent about me sending her money because if she didn't pay the agency then she would be summoned to court. I was going to send her the money right away until my friend found this website and it had her picture and said that she was a scammer. I have to admit that she is very good at what she does because I probably would never thought that she was up too no good until someone pointed it out to me.
Status of report: is still without proof