Scam report about rena graham

First name:  rena
Last name:  graham
Aka:  rena rutherford. REGGIE
Age:  35
Location:  Indianapolis,Indiana United States
Email:, ALSO @,
Report:  Rena aka-reggie is listed on all the Lesbian dating sites. She lures people into her world, and steals their credit cards, ID's, social security cards,bank cards,clothing, jewlery, and anything else she can get her hands on. She is usually scamming 3-4 people at the same time.When you start to get sick of her, she'll go for the big rip off, and steal you blind. She ripped me and 10 other people that I know of, here in Indianapolis,Indiana. She stole each of our credit cards, and more...intercepted our mail(so we wouldn't see bills, and statements) We all reported her to the police department, but only 8 felonies stuck. She plead GUILTY to 5 felonies of:fraud,ID theft,impersonation,forgery, and stealing.She plead guilty to avoid jail, because this was her first offense, the prosecutor allowed her to plea bargain. She goes for sentencing on May 22ND, 2008. She's still on the dating sites prowling for her next victim. she is on:,Yahoo personals, and more... For more info, and photo, go to:

Status of report:  is still without proof

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