Scam report about Natalia Petrova

First name:  Natalia
Last name:  Petrova
Age:  30
Location:  Russia, Izhevsk,
Address:  Zavodskia str., 22 426019,
Phone:  88364956738
On websites:
Report:  I too was contacted by a person calling themselves Natalia. Work the scam very well and was patient with pushing for money. Same pictures and more as other on this report page. The scammer also used a travel agents name and recieved emails from the agent by the name of Neptun ( chackd on line for such an agency and was able to find a cover page but nothing more with phone number and address. Attempts to call this number failed. I am under the impression that they are one in the same as letters from each where always about twenty minutes apart. and reports of trips by Natalia to the agency would follow again trenty minutes later with reprts of what occured at the agency. Any request of currant pictures with my name and the date on paper would not be supplied and emails soon ended.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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