Scam report about Elena Sharapova, Gryazina

First name:  Elena
Last name:  Sharapova, Gryazina
Aka:  Tatyana
Location:  Russia
On websites:  match
Report:  Finally got around to the money part. Here is address and name. Can anything be done? My darling I am very glad to receive your letter!!!! Don I today have received your letter and wished to go to receive your help. But I have forgotten that in travel agency to me have told that I would change the passport. Because in the birth certificate its surname is written, and I have taken a surname of mother. And I have carried the passport, and it will be ready only on Tuesday. Don you understand? I have given documents on that that would change them, and now I will have other surname. When I have come to bank there to me have told that I should come with the passport. No documents others approach. And consequently I should wait Tuesday when I shall receive the passport. And I shall receive a surname of the father. I shall be Elena Gryazina. I have explained this situation in Western Union, and they have told, that here they cannot help anything. Also that you as will need to call and change my surname Sharapova on Gryazina. I hope that you can make it and on Tuesday I can receive your help without problems and we shall begin official registration of papers. I LOVE YOU DON!!!!!! I hope, that you will write to me soon, and I with impatience wait for your letter. Yours and only your loving and gentle Elena. I told her I wired money, but did not. Knew she ws scamming from your site a couple of months ago. Just playing it out.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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