Scam report about Flora Dickinson

First name:  Flora
Last name:  Dickinson
Aka:  Lizzy Alicia, Elizabeth
Report:  I was approach by this email to photograph a wedding on short term...she said: Its nice reading from you, My name is Elizabeth,my daughter is getting married 10th of June in Los Angele's,required services if you are to work for at most 6 Hours on that day.We want about 150 copies of different photos in both black and white and… [long discussion of sizes…], both in the church and reception and of both the bride and the bridegroom,their parents,the officiating ministers and our guests.We will want you to work for at least 6 Hours at the occasion and if you are out of state,we will pay the transportation charges to and from the party venue so indicate in your email if you are out of state and indicate what it will costs either via Plane or Car transportation to and from what amount you will receive working for 6 hours at the occasion.Also,we will have the photographs snapped at the wedding forwarded to the Publisher of a Magazine Company for publicity, so they could feature it in their celebrity journal.More so,should you be out of state,the Hotel accommodation will be provided for by me.Waiting to read from you soon as regards this. ----after I told her I was available on June 10th and needed more details & a non-refundable deposit she wrote:-- Thanks for your urgent response,I will retain your services for wedding,booked me down for that date, I need very good snap for the wedding, I will be traveling to Holy Land for a prayer this week but my husband will hyandle the payment, 50% of the money will be given to you before the wedding date while balance will be paid after all shoot have been taken at the venue,my husband will be sending your payment by Cashier check, if your okay with this do get back with your payment information such as Full Name and Address as it will be written on the check, also include your day and night phone# for better communication. This sounded too good to be true, plus it was VERY odd that she wasn't asking questions or clarifying what she was actually interested in. Glad I found this site before I got scammed some how (not sure how...but maybe a bad cashiers check).

Status of report:  is still without proof

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