Scam report about Nataliya Bojko

First name:  Nataliya
Last name:  Bojko
Aka:  Elena Bondarchuk
Location:  Kiev,Ukraine
Report:  I have been in contact with Nataliya Fo some time now. I was suspicious of the scam from the start. I continued with contact even now just seeing wher it goes next. Recently however she requested around four hundred dollars she said so she could get visa to visit me. I know it is a scam so I didnt send money. I asked if she couldnt get money for visa how would she get money for plane tickets. She responded later that she had a surprise that she had money for both. She hasnt made anymore references about seeing me though except that distance between us would not exist shortly and she was waiting for visa. I know she will get around to asking for money for something else soon. Since we are still in contact I will try to get her to remind me what site we met on. I will also reveiw her emails to see if she ever told me her birthday. I think she told me it was may 31st and find her age to report. I have saved every email. I need to know how to forward the emails to you. i dont see anything about attachments on here

Status of report:  is still without proof

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