Scam report about Anna Gavrilina

First name:  Anna
Last name:  Gavrilina
Aka:  anna gavrilina
Age:  29
Location:  RUSSIA
Address:  My full name, ANNA GAVRILINA And my home address: Street. Marshak, 10 apt.27 City Cheboksary, The postal index Cheboksary: 428000 The Russian Federation
Phone:  not given
Report:  she is a fraud and was continously sending me letters, and i became mad on listening her story and was going to send gifts and money as at last by luck i got her on some scam site, before some days of her birthday, i told/cursed her for her evil work, and for my amaze she then also send me letter not aware of the truth i told to her in previous letter, i came to conclusion that she does not care about what people tells her in reply, and has a simple usual wicked work what she knows is to email letters to different persons with a same predefined matter only she changes the name of her client and mails it to all.............a example of letter from her is below....Hello my favourite Arif! I am very glad to see your letter!!! I am always very happy to receive news from you!!! My life was empty without you. Now I wait your letter every day! They heat to me heart. You became for me the close person! I would be very glad to arrive to you on a visit and to get acquainted with yours customs, relatives, friends. Travel, excursion. I wish to be with you!I today went to travel agency. To me have told that I need to make the tourist visa and the passport for travel abroad. Also I need to pass insurance. To me have told that the visa costs 170 euro? The passport for travel abroad - 200 euro + still medical survey - 80 euro. All documents will make 7 days. To make all documents for a trip to me it is necessary 450 euro. But I do not have such money . I all am upset, I do not know what to make. I in a shock. I thought that happiness so close. I wish to arrive to you on a visit, to get acquainted with native!!! I wish to be with you!!!!!! As to us to be!!! Write to me more likely!!! I wait from you for the letter. I love you arif! Anna

Status of report:  is still without proof

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