Scam report about Olga , Anna Vernadskogo

First name:  Olga , Anna
Last name:  Vernadskogo
Aka:  Honey Girl , Anna
Age:  26
Location:  Russia, Orsk,Orenburg City
Address:  Makarenko St.8A, Flat 4
On websites:  Beloved.Net
Report:  Hi Al! I shall try to call you. Thank you for helping me! I really appreciate it! I am getting a little nervous about the trip, but I know that you will help me to get started when I'll be far away from my motherland. I hope you can send me some money as soon as possible ((( 995 ))), so that I have time for the last interview at the embassy. I'll be waiting for your next email anxiously and I am happy that I'll be soon able to see your eyes and kiss you. I want to believe that this moment will be very soon! Right now I am sitting and listening the warmest and beautiful love sons and dream about a fairy tale that lasts all life long! THIS POEM IS FOR YOU MY LOVE «...the blue evening is melting, sleep, I'll be sitting by you, sleep and don't worry about anything, pull my hand to the sky, and light up a star. Feel the warmth of the star, Sleep and don't worry about a thing.» I read somewhere that woman is expecting a gentle relation to her. I think the one who wrote this is right. It is hard to believe and trust to man, but I really want to! I want to be gentle and sincere, sometimes a little capricious and beatiful only for my man. I want him to be ahead of the whole planet, him and not me. I want to be by his side. I will be supporting him and inspire him. Unfortunately this world is changing. Sometimes I think that i firsty a good specialist and secondly a good woman. But I want it to be a different way round. It is strange, I am dreaming about you, I would like to be fragile and gentle with you, I would like to make you happy! And then I go and do the things I don't really want. I am firstly a woman! Every day is like that - a vicious circle. I keep on asking myself what womem do men need: Gentle and fragile? Or may be differet one - srtong and rough? While finishing this letter I would like to ask you once again - CAN I RELY ON YOU? I am not scared to let my life to you. I WILL BE WITH YOU FOREVER AND NOTHING WILL TEAR As APPART! If it all depended on me, I wouldn't waste any time and would come to you as soon as I can, my honey! Anna

Status of report:  is still without proof

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