Scam report about Jane Albert

First name:  Jane
Last name:  Albert
Age:  29
Location:  Nigeria Lagos Ikeja
Report:  Greg Thanks for being so caring and understanding,im so happy to have a sweet and caring man like you.You seeem like the man i had always dreamed of an had always wanted.Im very glad and gratefull and im promising to pay back in anyway which you want.As soon as im back with you in the states,we will start to begin a new and happy life together forever till eternity.I cant wait to be back with you in the states.I cant wait to be in your arms and feel safe and happy forever.Whats the name of the nearest of the airport to you?So as soon as you have settled the bills i can be able to fly back to you in the states.As soon as the bills has been settled my travelling papers and return ticket will be released to me and i will fly to you.You can send the money for the hospital bills via western union money transfer,do you know of western union?Just go to the bank and use this below info to send the funds for the bills via western union .. Receiver's name is...Shayo Williams City is ................Ikeja State is ................Lagos Country is........... Nigeria zipcode.................23401 Text question is ...... colour Text answer is .................. blue Honey just copy down the info and go use it to send the money via western union money transfer at western union ok.As soon as you've sent the money email the info you used to send the money to me like Sender's name(thats your own name),Sender's address ,Receiver's name (name to receive the money over here),Receiver's address,Text question,text answer & Mtcn #.I'll be waiting to hear from you.Bye,take care. Jane Albert Subject: RE: Please get me out of my sadness.. From: Jane Albert Date: Mon, May 26, 2008 11:31 am To: Greg, I am so glad to hear from you today and i am so sorry to hear about your mom and i hope she gets better soon and every thing gets better for you...I never knew this would happen to me...If i do i would not be here in the first place.. My friend asked me to come with her and i couldn't say NO cos she has always been there for me and i had to follow her, now i got myself into a big mess that i can't get off me. I have tried so many ways to get myself outta here but it seems to be useless for me and i really wanna be out of here.. I feel so hopeless and helpless in here and i might commit suicide if i know this is where my life ends. I would really appreciate it if u can help me outta here and i want you to know that u will never regret helping me if u can help me outta here..,I am owing the sum of $600 but i was also told if i can get the half of the bill i can still be outta here. I hope you would help me with this and i hope to hear from you soon Jane -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Please get me out of my sadness.. From: Jane Albert Date: Sun, May 25, 2008 10:14 am To: Hello Greg Thank you very much for your care concerning my situation here .Yes Is for real that I need this help seriously. I don't really know how to explain to you at first and I really know that now that I can explain . You now understand everything that am going through right now . How I wish I was in the state I would beable to meet you or plan meet with you . I'm so sorry to meet you this way . I know its hard to help someone you don't know but I really want you to know that I need you to help me out this time . I will be so happy if you help me out of this unknown place . I promise when I make it back to the state I am going to pay you back immidiately.. I think it will be hard for me when I get home with no one .. I will be all alone please how can we meet ? I will Love to see you in person .. Will you like it if I come down to you ? ...... are you willing to help me out and back to the state ?I want you to help me call the doctor 0112347086561295 1 or write the doctor by email if you can't get through with him. Here is the hospital email . .. I want you to help me write him and ask for how much he need me to pay for my hospital bill . I want you to also help me ask him when i will be comming home as soon as if everything is settled .. Please I really need you this time and i will be so happy if you kindly get me out of this unknown counrty and back home . I have my returning ticket and passport already with the Doctor.. all that I need to do now is to settle with the hospital management cuz they want me to pay for my hospital bills including my treatment bills before i leave out of this unknown country I don't have any money with me right now..I have been in this pains and sorrows so long I just need to get out of here..Please I want you to try and do your best for me . I promise I will never make you regret of helping me as soon as if I get back home .I need you please I don't want my returning ticket to expired by date .. I will be so happy if you get back to me .. I am still here online waiting for you .. so that we can chat to get to know more about each other better ... Hope to Hear from you.. -------- Original Message -------- Subject: RE: my space message From: Jane Albert Date: Fri, May 23, 2008 7:05 pm To: Hello Dear ,I'm very happy to hear from you again.I know that you might be surprise that i called myself Brenda....That is my middle name.You really sound caring.I know that you really like me and you are interested in me thats why you wrote me back again.You are the first and last that have been talking to on here.I'm so sorry that this way that am meeting you is so sad for me to exaplain.I wish i was in the state that iknow things may workout btw us.I'm really in a bad situation that i couldnt solve out myself and i need you to be there for me till things works out for me.I'm not in the state which i could explain it directly to you because i know i just met you and i want mylife to be for you becuase you sound like one i will like to share my feelings together with..I want you to be there by my side in this situation that am having.I'm in a hospital right now in west africa country nigeria.I came down here with a friend for a visit to meet his families.We both stay together in the state right from our grade level in school.Though she came down to US for study..We both like each other and we are as a friend through the term that i finished my schooling..and she invited me down to her parent country just for a week visit..Unfurtunately we both got a Car accident on our way and we where both rushed down to a hospital by some good samaritan nearby.I was so conviced because i never believe all this could happen.Unfurtunately i loss my friend day after yesterday by heartbreak and i couldnt get ahold of her parents.I was seriously injured also cuz i hurt my right hand and i was taking a good treatment till this moment that am writting you.I'm just using the doctor laptop to chat online... I am oweing the hospital bill so they did seize all my travelling papers and return ticket,saying I'll have to pay off before i can leave..I'm trying to get ahold of someone who will care for me and help me back home..I will be so glad and happy if you could help me.I think you understand now that am stranded here now.I really need ur correspondence to my situation if you can be there for me i will be so much happy.I dont have anyone that will help me get out of my sadness.I dont mind if i would give you my heart and make a convenant with you ..I'm helpless and hopeless over here.I need you to be there for me please.All that i just need you to do for me now is to help me get ahold of doctor for me and ask him when i will recorver also help me ask him all that will be needed to be settled before i could come back home..I need you to help me call the doctor # 0112347086561295 or contact the doctor email please honey. i want you to write him on the email immidiately.please honey get back to me and let me see ur happiness responds..Let me know if you have help me get ahold of the doctor.Ok , I hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks for ur care. Jane Albert -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: my space message From: Jane Albert Date: Thu, May 22, 2008 10:47 pm To: Hey thanks for ur message I'm very happy to hear from you...I'm sorry for the late reply.. I'm single never been married no Kids.....Do u have any kids..Are you married can you tell me all about you..I would like to meet you also but just that I'm far away from you...If you would love to know how I ended up in this damn country I can explain to you more better but I just need a man that I will have to share my feelings with someone I will share all my heart..Here is some pics of me you ask me to send you...I hope you get this and you like them I would love to see some of ur pics also..Write me back as soon as possible.. Brenda

Status of report:  is still without proof

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