Scam report about Julia Valyaeva

First name:  Julia
Last name:  Valyaeva
Aka:  Kamilla Vlasova
Age:  30
Location:  Ukraine Kiev
Address:  114 Krasnoarmeyskaya #136
Phone:  380 50 6813464
Email: both deleted last year by the company she was no longer using but working for.
On websites:
Report:  I met Julia online in December 2005.She told me she had to use the above scam companys for translations since she did not know English.I myself thought it would be nice to help her with English lessons and translations.What I did not know is there was one man that I know of whom was doing the same thing for her all of 2005 and who knows before this time.When I was sending money for these services there were many other men doing the same.I went to see her in July 2006 and spent 10 wonderful days with her what I did not know is she was writing these other men while not with me.I was paying for everything dinners at the nicest restaurants,Dental Care for her,clothes cell phone and when I left I left her $1000 in Hyrvynas and U.S.$.When she told me she quit using the company's it was one big lie this business encourages the girls to write as many men as they want so it brings in money and the girls get money also.All of her words of love and coming to be with me were all B.S. she got me for over $14,000.We had 1 more trip to the Maldives islands in Feb. 2007 she was good but not good enough.Her co-conspiritors are Vasiliy Prokopchuk the owner Yaroslav Kruts the Kiev manager who also owns the flats they rent and he is the one who picks up the western unions and a stinking bitch named Katerina she is her friend.I am hoping soon all of their lies and deceit will be catching up to them since I have filed charges in Kiev civil court.If you are using their services get out while you still have your heart and money all the girls who work for them are pro-daters/and hookers. She had several visitors in Kiev also after my visit but for some reason did not want her family I met or her friends to know about this.After my return I was sending her money every week even to her mother when she was too busy at work to pick it up then there was a report posted on another site and this is when it hit me what she was doing I could not believe it.Also there was some comments made on another site by her friend Katerina after she phished my account this was her out.The owner of the translation companys did not weant to work with me to resolve this so now the asshole will face the music.All of this came to an end July 3rd 2007.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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