Scam report about yuliya 

First name:  yuliya
Age:  27
Location:  zvenigovo
Report:  yuliya started writing me on 5-9-o8 very nice and not to fast with the scam, now yesterday 6-7-08 i recieve the letter from her stating that she does not have enought money to come to me. and has asked for my help. i have a letter every day from her but has never answered any of my letters back. Her letters are how she is in love with me. here is her love letter to me, Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Dale!!!!!!!!! Dale I so am happy to receive your letter. Dale I want to be with you and only with you for ever. I would want that we with you were together, I would want that our happiness never came to an end. I when have read your letter that have understood that I can not live without you Dale, I want to be with you and I would want that our dreams became a reality. Dale I would shall make all that we with you were happy, I tomorrow shall learn all what we with you were together. I do not want to wait more, I want to be with you and only with you. You all my life and I are sure that you that which man I searched for all life. I shall make all but I shall be with you for ever. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I ADORE YOU ALL HEART!!!!!!! I want to be in your embraces, I want to feel your love and caress, I want to feel as you touch to me. To feel your love, your tenderness, your hands which warm me which caress my body. I would want that each day, each day was for us full of love and passions, that heart would sing with happiness. That each day I could hear your voice, could talk to you feel your breath, I want to see your smile each day!!!!! You and only you my prince and my happiness and mine the man!!!! I want to be only with you for ever!!!!!!!!! I the happiest girl because I love you!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO BE With YOU FOR EVER!!!!!!! I love you Dale!!!!! I know that our love will be with us for ever and never to be finished and soon I shall come to you. We shall be together, I promise you, we shall meet, I shall find out all and I shall come to you at once as soon as it will turn out. Soon all our dreams become a reality, we shall love and enjoy our life to go on a beach, to make love!!!!!!! You agree with me Dale!!!! I love you Dale!!!!! I want to be with you!!!!!!!!! Yours and only your loving and gentle Yuliya.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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