Scam report about GALINA ROSCHINA

First name:  GALINA
Last name:  ROSCHINA
Age:  28
Location:  Tomsk,Russia
Report:  She asked me for $240.00 US for student visa, she asked for $976.00 US for plan ticket. Lastly she asked for $400.00 US she said she needed for customs when she arrived at CANADA. lastly she said she was robbed in Moscow, had ribbs broken and got a concussion. Oh I also sent her $100.00 US because she had a party to go to and she had no money to get her friend VICA maybe VIKA something for her birthday so I helped her out. She did give me an address in Tomsk where she said she lived but I havlost that information. I forgot she asked for another $400.00 as she said they stole her money. I would most certainly like to have my money back,thank you. IAN GULLION.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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