Scam report about Elena Stagalova

First name:  Elena
Last name:  Stagalova
Aka:  Nadezhda Kourlina
Age:  26
Location:  Russia ,Moscow , Krasnoyarsk, Ust-Pit
Address:  Moscow, Marksistskaya 6-34
On websites:  Yahoo personals
Report:  The first email came on May 30 2008. I wasn't sure where she got my email from, she never did say. Started out a little strange. Was looking foward to visiting my country, looking for a man to meet and develope a relationship. Told a little about herself and would wait for a reply. she sent some pictures. This went on till the tenth of june. She told me about her home and family, that she was a nurse and was coming to US on a visa to work for a year,looking for a man to get married and stay. she sent resume. Then she had to go to Moscow to take english test for visa. Make arrangments for flight and get papers for a job. Then while in Moscow found out the goverment wasn't going to pay for her tickets. the program had ended. Thats when she asked me to send her 995.00 USD so she could pay for round trip ticket, required by govenment to get visa. I was waiting to see if she was going to ask for money. Thats when I found this site and her on it. I wasn't going to send any money anyways. But it was great to find this site. I sent her an email on the 11th of june telling her that I found her on this site and it would be the last email from me with no money comeing either. She sent two emails after that. Responding to the last one I sent her. (RE ) She never mentioned the one I sent her. She never responded to the content of any of the emails that I wrote. She just kept getting deeper in love. Look out guys this won't be her last attempt. I keep refering to her. I think she is involved but not the only one, maybe boyfiend or pimp or organized operation. She sent a photocopy of her license. real, doubt it

Status of report:  is still without proof

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