Scam report about Viktoriya Paleha

First name:  Viktoriya
Last name:  Paleha
Age:  28
Location:  Russia, Vladivostok
Address:  Pologaya dom60kv6
Phone:  7232400515
On websites:  Anastasia,; heavenly hearts
Report:  We correspondent for three months on the phone via Skype. She was like an angel. However, she asked me financial questions, e.g. if I had a lot of inheritance, how expensive my car is, that I should take her to a tropical island, not all at once, just little question. Fishing for money. I bought a ticket to see her in Vladivostok. The first night was filled with passion and kisses. She stayed overnight with me. The second day she was a changed person. Cold and irritable. In the vening I received a note from the hotel reception that she has written, telling me how different we were. I did not reply or contact her. The third day, she knocked on my door and after I opnened it, she abused me in Russian. I had to attend an important meeting in Vladivostok which she used as an excuse. She screamed at me that if I want her to take her there I had to pay her $AUS100($US95).As she realised I was not reacting to her screaming demands she demand $AUS300. (You have to understand that this is my special lady). She screamed at me that I had to make up my mind quickly. Becuase I am a psychotherapist who deals occasionally with angry patients I stayed cool and told her to go. I have never seen her since. Although she called me on my last day, she only wanted to go out with me if I take her to a very expensive restaurant. It is my opinion that she targetted a man who is 20 years older, let him deeply fall in love and then squeeze every dollar he has. I like to know of what would have happened to any other man who would believe her. He most likely end up with depression. She is the worst and dangerous ruthless scammer I have ever encountered.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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