Scam report about shushik Asatryan

First name:  shushik
Last name:  Asatryan
Age:  26
Location:  Gymri (Armenia)
Address:  abovyana 19-24
On websites:  rbrides, aussiezone, continental romance
Report:  DANGEROUS SCAMMER GIRL!!!!! Lovely and nice girl, I have emailed her for more than one month, . All make supposed to be a real girl who will looking for love abroad... She's writing english and on her own, never used a pre-written letters, wasn't fall in love with me after 3 letters, answered at all my question i did, and she also phoned me 3 times. After one month she wanted meet me, but hadn't money for do it. I afforded my help to her to pay half price for her ticket to come in Italy (600 $), but i told her that i will give this money only after that she will bearrived here in Italy. But in next email she wrote me have request me to send money with western union (like every scammer girl do it...) ignoring all that i said her before. And then I have wrote frank with her, I don't send money at person unknown. But she liked me very much, and so i decide to afford to her to pay ALL THE PRICE OF THE TICKET!!!! for come to me buying the electronics tickets from Italy. I showed and send her the electronic tickets with the planned trip ( before buy ) and i was waiting her confirmations. After my email she called me by phone, for explain me that she can't accept my e-ticket because was bought in italy and she need buy the ticket in Armenia for receive tax from citizen Armenian and then legalised the documents and the visa, she told me that's was laws of her state, and she couldn't do nothing. SHE WANTED MONEY FOR BUY TICKETS IN ARMENIA!!Sly, very sly, and so i imagined that she was a scammer and so i preper one trap for her... After spoke by phone with her, i wrote one e-mail speaking that i will check my bank account for see my financiaries availability for send her money... Of course she felt

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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