SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Yekarterina Osokina

First name: Yekarterina
Last name: Osokina
Aka: Ekarterina
Location: Russia
On websites: At least one of those addresses above are hers.
Report:     She scammed me out of money. Told me she needed money to get from her moms to Moscow. And she was getting a Fiancee Visa. She also claimed she needed money again for exspenses, and flight through agency. She got over $1,250.00 USD Via Western Union.from me. This is deffinetly her. I have 3 different pictires of her. Her first name is Yekarterina, Last name is Osokina At least thats who cashed the Western Union That was back in August 2007. You have her posted as Anna age 32. Page 264.
Status of report: is still without proof