Scam report about Joy Demonte

First name:  Joy
Last name:  Demonte
Age:  28
Location:  Italy/Nigeria
On websites:
Report:  After several emails she a)changed the pic on the site, and b)that night they asked for my online dating username and password so they knew I was only talking to them. after they got the info. they hardly chatted with me. so i got suspicious and was not able to log in to the dating site. So I created a new account and searched my old login and there it was with a brand new pic and completely different info. I reported it to the site via email but have not heard back. the site listed a customer service # that when called did not have an option to speak to someone live. I am not sure if the site is in on it or not. By using my profile I am not sure if they were able to access my credit info. I had used or not, so far nothing appears, but it is way too early to tell

Status of report:  is still without proof

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