Scam report about Imelda Marcos

First name:  Imelda
Last name:  Marcos
Location:  Philippines
Report:  Hello, VERY CONFIDENTIAL PLEASE I am mrs.Imelda Marcos, a Filippino by nationality, widow of the dictator and former President of Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos who in February 1986, forcing him and his family to flee to Hawaii, where he died in exile in 1989. Honestly I would like to have an investment and confidant relationship with you, as now I am broken hearted and needs someone to trust, without remembering my past and forsaken experiences from close confidants and family. Presently, I was at the court detension where I alledgedly represented an accussation of 32 charges of illegally transferring wealth out of the Philippines during my husband 20-year rule and the Court on 10th of March came after a 17-year trial in the case, involving some $863 million in Swiss bank accounts which has been frozen by the government and is being held in escrow at the Philippine National Bank.This below newsite could as well help you know the present situation i am going through now. : +dictator+Ferdinand+Marcos&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=10 All i want from you is to assist me make claims of some funds, one trunk box deposited in a trusted company, content cash amount of US$23.5M united state dollars being deposited as this was the money that was supposed to be used by my husband to acquire some properties in Europe. I will forward the depository documents to you in my next mail for your perusal. All, I want from you, now is honesty and sincerity, all major cost including shipment charge,demuurages charges have already settled. Contact me urgently for more details. Thanks, mrs.Imelda Marcos

Status of report:  is still without proof

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