First name: evelyn
Age: 29
Location: plateau nigeria
Phone: 2348068417858
Email: ,, my,
On websites: , absolute pen,
Report:     hi there this woman is extremely dangerous she is a totol scam i being scam by this om but i oul make a hrad ork and i have a lot of info to offer this oma exist and operates with a mans hel a guy called cris ihuese h pretends to b a travel agen i have 20 pics of her and the ones u have on the site rnot her i have hers a lot o them i being in touch with sine last year i know is a sam he played with my feelings and scam my money i have her number in nigeria i also know she was in london fo about 6 months i called her someone needs to stop her please help me on this ill share all the info u have and i really apreciate if u can share ith me this my name is aldo barbato from bolivia and i think also she is missussing all the info i gave her
Status of report: is still without proof