Scam report about Mila Konchy

First name:  Mila
Last name:  Konchy
Age:  27
Location:  Belarus - Vekta
Address:  Apartment 43 The house 30 Street Kozhara siti Vetka
Phone:  299-941143
On websites:  elenamodels : delete - : delete -
Report:  Good morning Excuse me for my bad English. I found on a commercial site deemed serious encounter with girls of Slavic origin, a person with whom I correspond for 4 months by mail. Never did she ask me for money. After several messages, she said she stops to write to other men and even later she wants to know me. Only in the last messages that we are beginning to use the word love. There was no evidence of the scam. After a few telephone exchanges, we decide to meet us in Belarus and more particularly to Vetka where she lives. I would like to book a hotel, but it tells me that girls who join a Westerner in a hotel are not well views. She rents an apartment for us to be quiet at a cost of € 65.00 per night. I think this is excessive, but she assures me that the apartment is very comfortable. It requires a taxi for me to join in Bobruisk to 400.00 km of Minsk, not Vekta. When I arrived at two o'clock in the morning, she is present and we will immediately pay the apartment. I pay as planned € 65.00 per night. I remain 10 days. We are going to the apartment. First surprise, the taxi asks me € 400.00! I try to negotiate, the tone rises. I prefer to pay because it's two o'clock in the morning, I am alone and I do not know where I am. The apartment is old and far from the promised comfort and those that I saw on the Internet for 45.00 €. I avoid details, but in one day, I have no more cash. It makes me take the bus is back in France that I realise that what I pay, is not the usual price of train tickets (6 tickets) on the pretext of visiting friends and family in the city of Vekta and other places. In fact I do not even know that destination is marked on the tickets do not speak Russian. Importantly, it keeps the tickets. But above all the keys to the apartment and it will change everything. But I'm on a cloud and I have confidence. When I told him we must stop with the taxi, which is expensive, that I have already more liquid, I am no longer a prince. It does keeps me more hand, it changes its attitude. It happens from the moment full of adventures. I am obliged to leave after three days because she does not appear to be mandatory registration within 3 days of arrival with the authorities Belarusians. She send the morning the taxi with a word on which she writes have problems and that I have returned. I'm stuck, I threatened to go to the militia, she agrees to settle the taxi returning to my seat. Of course the bus is an accomplice, that the person who rents the apartment and there is also perhaps the other person behind. She telephoned often and I realised quite quickly that she asked what she should do. The plan is well fitted. The goal is to recover, through various means (apartment, bus, train ticket will use it for personal use or to be reimbursed), the maximum money before the end date for the compulsory registration to the militia. It delays the time to make the registration and day limit, she does not come, there is no other choice but to leave. She still tries to take something with the price of a return taxi. I have alerted the French authorities and Belarusians as well as sites where it has its profile. Here is the information that I have: Mail : Phone number : +00375-299-941143 Date of birth : 29 aout 1981 The information she gave me for the visa : Konchy Mila Apartment 43 The house 30 Street Kozhara siti Vetka On another site she appears with the following information : Petruchik Mila st. Ozarnia 9a Vetka +00375-299-829565 (Je n’ai pas encore tente d’appeler). I find it is also a testimony of a person (information 2008-05-02). The details are different: Mila Huskevich Address : 246000 Belarus Naselen punkt Eremino ulica Zapadnaya dom 4 It appears on several sites of meetings which I have addresses. I have recovered several information such as the number of car of the taxi.

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