Scam report about Olga Kamysheva

First name:  Olga
Last name:  Kamysheva
Age:  32
Location:  Mari-El, city-Yoshkar-Ola
On websites:  
Report:  Honey I am just receive back you answer. I am glad that you are happy!!!! But only I do not understand you. Understand Vic that all over again I should pay my order for (the visa, the passport for travel abroad and the ticket) understand that I have ordered it in mine Travel agent And I should pay it to him cash. You understand what I am have only 1100$ what I have borrow from my parents but my order cost almost 1600$ and from this reason I am ask you for help me. Vic Yes I also very much wait ours the first a meeting with you! And I have many ideas on it! I am glad that today I have learned so much, I have already ordered documents and after this ready I can will take the ticket and a start to you My honey! One this idea does me so happily!!!!!! Yes I really require in your help to me because I would not have not enough 450 $ what completely to pay my order for documents and the ticket, yes the ticket from Moscow to Chicago there and back. Now it is necessary to pay only my order both all will be good also I should wait approximately for 7 days and I can a start to you, before my start I shall tell to you number of my flight and time arrival in the airport that you could meet me there. Vic honey you can send this money today? I hope what yes because if you send it today and then tomorrow I shall receive it here and I can payment for my order and it means that in the beginnings next week we can meet each other. You know as to send this money? When I work in other city (approximately one year ago) I would use the Western Union what to send money mine parents, I think that you can use it there also, you should go to any bank and there there is an office the Western Union and you can easily send these for that what I could pay my order, you will require in my full name and mine address, my name - Olga, my last name - Kamysheva, my address- Russia, republic- Mari-El, city- Yoshkar-Ola, I hope that you can go there today after work and send this money and then after you send it you should inform me number of the control that I could go in the Western Union here and receive your money. Yes I also am excited also I do not wish to waste precious time of mine holiday but I a thought that if we love each other then I shall remain with you for ever, ok I think that I have written much, I shall wait your answer now. I hope that you have fine day and pleasant think about me! hot hot kiss!!!!!! Yours Olga.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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