SCAM REPORT ABOUT  jiralkwamenso

First name: jiralkwamenso
Last name: unknown
Age: 34
Location: Ballon, Carlow, Ireland
On websites: Datingsite match,com (hidden profile)
Report:     On june 28th I received a message from datingsite Member was Jiralkwamenso, a 34 year old woman from Ireland. I was very interested and gave a reply. One day later she wrote to me and invited me to her e-mailadress: and so I came in Tema (Ghana). After that another person took over and I started a correspondence with Wendy. The pictures that she send were (later I found out) from an american pornstar Melissa Midwest. The person, I know now as Nene Johnson was a scammer with a lot of friends in Ghana. They pulled € 500 out of my pocket for an operation for her mother, but I limited the damage, after an inquiry in Tema by a friend of mine. The whole story was a lie and I stopped immediately. After that her last answer was:
Status of report: is still without proof