SCAM REPORT ABOUT  sandra gartland

First name: sandra
Last name: gartland
Aka: mary williams
Age: 32
Location: ibadan,nigeria
Phone: +2348024799235
On websites: date me free,luv free,yahoo personals
Report:     sandra contacted me she seemed like a very nice lady talked on messenger she sent me this letter u will see in letter,more i talked to her i found she is shorter of a six packs.she gave me this company in letter its called julius begger contruction site i did a search on this its on another scamming site name scammer there was name of mary williams believed to be the same person she gave me more information on this travel agency its call and i beleive these are fake she wanted me to send money for plane tickets to be my wife this phone# number on top is supposed be a paster named taiwo johnson.also she told me a name of ajayl james or ajayi james she also she told me while she waits she wants me to send 200 dollars for food and send it through western union
Status of report: is published in main database with photos