First name: Olesya
Last name: Volkova
Age: 27
Location: Rusia.Cheboksari.Chuvashiy,
Address: Chuvashiy,
Report:     kiss‏ De: Enviado: martes, 15 de julio de 2008 06:33:15 p.m. Para: anonim Analisis de seguridad al descargar Hello, my dear friend Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your attention to me. I feel more needs to receive your letters. My mood became better again when i have your letter. I should tell, that when i have good mood, my patients cry less (smile). So healthy smiles of our children now depend on your letters (smile). I did not choose you from thousand men. I have no an opportunity often and long to use the Internet. I never used the Internet earlier. My girlfriend has helped me. I at all do not know, the girlfriend has chosen what page. I have chosen you on this page :). The girlfriend has told, that if i really wish to find dream, i should not read one thousand lines. The destiny will direct my hand. I have written the letter only to you, and i am very happy, that you have answered. I could not present at all, that will be. I had attitudes with the man little bit more than one year ago. It was rough, constantly shouted at me and was very jealous. I have not made anything that could prove its abuse over me. Always it seemed to it, that i change, but it was not the truth. Besides it to drink alcohol. I was afraid of it when it was drunk. I do not wish to recollect it. It has forced me to suffer. I do not want, recurrences with another the man. I see, that you another and i love it. At me serious intentions to get acquainted with the man for relations. I shall try to speak about my character. I like to communicate with people. I estimate, selflessness, honesty. I trust in love, and i consider love as a valuable subject. I adore, when to me speak a compliment. I want the man which would like to be only mine. I trust in my happy destiny, and i believe, that i shall meet my happiness. Otherwise the life is absurd. It is very difficult to be lonely. I wish to have love, entertainment, pleasure and happiness. I wish to find the man which would like me as the woman, but not as a beautiful doll. I think that for lady, the basic logic in a life not career, strong family and the favorite person. I wish to be, favorite. I think, that you understand me, because you one also. I wish to tell to you sincerely about sex. I have not enough sex. I alive lady, but i cannot have sex with the person whom i do not love. I want tenderness and words of love ONLY from the favorite person. To possibly you to not understand it, but women differ from men. You can, disagree with me? By the way, when i have come, to work today wash mood was bad, because my girlfriend was ill, and now it is in hospital. The most sad thing - that it has birthday today. To it of 26 years today. Unfortunately it will spend birthday in hospital. But i already spoke with the doctor, and to me will allow to spend evening in its chamber. In the evening i shall bake a pie, to buy balloons and to go to hospital. I want very much, to cheer up on its birthday. She is my best girlfriend. By the way, it works with me in clinic. Friends do not happen much, my best friends - Elena and Natasha. Elena - that lady who is in hospital. Natasha has left on the North for three months. Its grandmother lives in the North. My friends single also. We are friends already long. Elena and i - similarly to sisters. Elena and i like to walk. Usually we go in park. But also we like to spend time in garden Elena. Elena lives in the old wooden house. I do not know, whether you saw such buildings. These are buildings which have been constructed before the second world war. Buildings - very old which have no bath and a water pipe. So people should take water outside. In the modern world such conditions seem very awful, but it - so. We like to spend time in garden Elena. Every winter Elena and i do the big Yeti by greater spheres of a snow. We do carrots instead of a nose and a potato instead of eyes. It is very amusing. Children of all neighborhood come are pleased to see the Yeti. For the first time we have made such Yeti for a long time-for a long time. From now on we do every year. It is tradition for us. We water the Yeti to close an ice. Elena speaks, that it wishes to live in the big city. I do not know where it is better. Big city - big movement, a fast rhythm of a life, a garland of fires, show-windows, high buildings, fountains, cinema, parks, temptations, theatres. It is remarkable, certainly i love it. But the village - fresh air, is a lot of trees and birds, is silent both comfortably any pride and the vanity peculiar for greater cities. We have many small and greater lakes and the rivers. Places are very beautiful. If there was no criminal, the place could be named as paradise. But alas, the criminal - an integral part sew a life. Unfortunately the criminal in Russia at very high level. I do not wish to speak about sad things. One known musician has told that the woman and a violin are created the friend for the friend. I agree with it. I play on a violin when on my soul it is bad when it is good also. The violin helps me with my loneliness. I make music a little even. I should finish wash the letter. I do not want, but it is time to me. Today, when i shall come to Elena, we shall speak about you Tony. Elena likes to ask about you, and i like to speak about you. I wish to ask you, what you do when on your soul badly or well? Sincerely, with the best regards. Your girlfriend OLESYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS:My honey, certainly, when we bett we shall know each other and understand that we should be together, I shall arrive to you. I want it as. That our relations were serious, but only not game or joke. My honey I think that it very dearly that arrive to you. I think that coast from 1500 dollars!!!
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