Scam report about Olga 

First name:  Olga
Age:  28
Location:  Russia
Report:  I CAN SEND YOU HER PHOTOS. SHE IS VERY SIMILAR TO Olesya Volkova, but with a better makeup and color photo. This is her last letter: Hello Marco!!! I am sorry for long reply! I have handed in the statement in dating agency, and is very glad to that that it works... I really did not expect that to a smog to receive the letter so soon! Today at me very good mood, and I am ready to continue to write to you about myself... My growth of 175 centimetres and weight of 50 kg. I was born on August, 30th, 1980. I the quiet person which have got used to achieve all. I have no bad habits (I do not smoke and I do not drink)... I can estimate the health as very good. I am engaged in run almost every morning, I eat healthy food... My friends speak that I the good cook, and I do not doubt it... :-) I cooking for myself always and if I have visitors I am cooking for them... :-) I love various sweets especially chocolate, very much I love flour products but I eat them not often. And certainly I like to make salads because they are useful to health... I will go in Palermo for 2 months and have already applied the visa two days ago, and in a current of 14 days I will receive it. I am already ready to fly in Italy, and I needed to wait visas... My grandfather works as the biologist, and very often travels. Soon he will go to the USA and his apartment will be free some months. There I will live when I will arrive in Italy. I would not wish to be one in Italy, and I hope that you can keep my the company... :-) Unfortunately I go in Italy not only for rest. My grandmother has died about one year back, and has left to me the inheritance. I should receive it as soon as I will arrive to your country... It not that about what I wished to think, but I that I can not change... Marco, I would want that we could become friends, and I would wish that we could meet when I will arrive in Italy. I very much wish to see beauty of your country and to understand its culture a little. I always liked to open for myself something new, and I wish to make it once again... :-) You will help me to see all the most beautiful? When I have entered the institute I have moved from parents to a hostel. In five years I have received the diploma of the manager. And has then started to work as the advertising agent. It is very good trade, and I really earn good money... Certainly I should work much and persistently for this purpose. But I try to be better and my chief sees it... Now I should leave. I hope that could describe myself for you... I Wait for your letter and your questions... Do not forget to smile... :-) Olga

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