Scam report about EDEM BONI

First name:  EDEM
Last name:  BONI
Age:  32
Location:  Ghans Tema
Phone:  unknown 00aid them for the ceremony to include money for Shinap a goaet233248194839
On websites:  unknown Black Singles .com
Report:  first met her on black singles she eventually got to marriage and coming to England didnt have a profile.she talked about meeting the right person claimed to be God fearing said she was a caterer mother has a cosmetic shop .she sent pictues of herself and one of her mother .her dad died 2 years eaqrlier had younger brother named Junior .conversation eventually got to marriage.she decided.she has persisted to demand this money before she would fly.She then said we should get engaged so I sent her money for traditional engagement also said her family wouldnt let her fly until after the ceremony.I paid for Shinap goat traditional clothes and ?700 her travelling money.then she asked for ?800 as she wanted to give her mother something for bringing her up .at this I decided I wasnt sending any more .she then said if I wasnt going to send it and she logged of yahoo messenger I wouldnt see her again and not to send her tx to come online.I asked her to show me the marriage certificateShe then said you know something.Isaid what but she wouldnt say she still insisted on the ?800.then she said she was tired and was going and said bye and logged off SHE TOOK ME FOR ?3380

Status of report:  is still without proof

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