Scam report about Nataliya Tokarenko

First name:  Nataliya
Last name:  Tokarenko
Aka:  Natasha, Nata
Age:  35
Location:  kiev
Address:  kashtanova 14 appartment 99
Phone:  mobile +380663554628 home +380445473192
Email: //
On websites:  manny ukraine brides sites
Report:  I would like to report this women because i know for 100 % sure that she is a gold digger and money scammer. I am even married to her, what does she always do, she wants money and when she is having money then she quickly send this to her mother in Kiev.This is for if something happens, i think that she already has send more then 10.000 € to her mother. When i do something for her, or i buy something, then at that moment she is happy and five minutes later she again wants something. She always wants for herself, i am alredy two years with her and i finincialy give her all what is necessary but she always says i not do nothing I like her and my love for her is big, but she never have respect for me, it is already two yers that i suport her and her mother but they always want more. my hart says yes but my mind say , get ride off her. I have a son from a previous relation and she not so much wants that i take him at home to be with me and children feel this, he feels not welkom anymore at his father she always says i am not his mother, i am not his nanny, she sees him as a enemy because law in Belgium protects also the child, this is something that she not wants to accept. Can you help me what i have to do, somebody.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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