First name: Kimi
Last name: Jacob
Aka: Meena Gabriel and many others Im sure!
Age: unk
Location: Cotonou Benin
Address: c/136 Atinkamey, Box 06 BP 3667
On websites: asian euro
Report:     She didn't get any money however everything she told me was a lie from the beginning. No valid phone number. She says she works for a NGO out of the Redeemed Christian Church in Cotonou doing relief work for no pay, yet she has money to take taxi's to the internet cafe all the time. Will though in things about the weather so if you check that she will be right. Has a phony South African Passport and want's to marry someone to get out of Benin. Supposedly she live with her widow mother Esther and a kid sister, she has all the photo's to back them up when you ask to see them. They are working out of an office doing business under many different names, one of them is Mekus Investments Limited. Also they have the ability to produce any document you want to see and are tied in with other scammers in the same location. Be careful because they are willing to spend a lot of time to get to your money. She/HE always was online when she/he was supposed to be there. They are ruthless!!
Status of report: is still without proof