SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Esther Brempomaa

First name: Esther
Last name: Brempomaa
Aka: Adiza John
Age: 35
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 233-245219216
Email: oldland0001972
On websites:
Report:     wow she is good. can talk her way out of being caught lying. plays several guys at once and gets names mixed up. says how she has been hurt and lied to, hates lies and cheat. looking for perfect matches. then comes the money: help with food, help with visa so she can come to you, help with blood test or she will go to jail (no kidding), airplane tickets cheaper to buy in ghana. parents dead in car wreck; lives with grandmum and uncle dillar (she and dillar are probably same person, or dillar is pimp collector); nobody works and so poor and hungry but pics show nice house and she is obviously well-fed and well-clothed. relentless and shameless,
Status of report: is still without proof