Scam report about Jane Scott

First name:  Jane
Last name:  Scott
Age:  29
Location:  Benin, Abomey-calavi or Cotonou
Report:  Beware, this alias is very dangerous!!! At first, I met this alias on a dating site. According to the alias's profile, the alias claimed to be living in Devon, England and self employed. When I received an email from the alias, I thought great, she lives near me. After replying to the first message, the alias sent me another message containing the alias's email address. I was then told the reason why there wasn't a pic on the profile was because the alias didn't want other male user's treating her as a sex object. My theory is that the alias would have trouble getting the fake pics approved! Must admit, I really thought this person was genuine. Besides, I have communicated with a few of these devious creatures before! Once I opened the alias's first email on msn, the alias then claimed to be from Benin (West Africa), and working for a public relations office in a charity organisation! I knew straight away I was dealing with a scammer! The bit that made me laugh; the alias described where Benin is located within Africa (Quote: 'neighbors countries like Togo and Ghana') the alias didn't mention Nigeria! I Wonder why! Another inconsistency (Quote: 'My profile was registered by my cousin who got married to someone out in Belgium and they both met on this dating site too, so she registered me when she traveled to see the family of her husband in England') Make up your mind, Belgium or England? Also a lot of poor grammar and the usual spelling mistakes which is usually composed by scammers! Then I thought to myself, I can have a bit of fun here. It's not the first time I've played games with a scammer! I pretended I was dieing of a brain disorder, only had 3 months to live and inherited 50,000 pounds in sterling from late uncle. The alias brought in to it! I was experimenting on the true nature of a scammer! Are they human? Obviously not by all accounts! To cut a long story short, I said I was going to commit suicide and leave my 50,000 pounds to the alias. The alias immediately replied with kind words and plenty of charm, and pretending to be deeply upset. approximately 2 emails later, the alias said, (quote: 'the only way I found out that I can get money easily and fast is through Western Union Money Transfer') My conclusion: This alias will hide behind religion, charms, wit, beautiful modeling pics and probably his/her granny to get their way. This alias demonstrated it is inhumane, calculating, devious, and above all selfish. I have nothing to hide, read the letters. It's all there! My opinion of alias's personality is similar to a maggot, rat, cockroach, leach, and a green fly!!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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