SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Anna Kurshakova

First name: Anna
Last name: Kurshakova
Aka: Anna Ivanova
Age: 25
Location: Vladimir, Russia
Address: Lenina 21-76, Vladimir 600000, Russia
On websites: Gumtree
Report:     She replied to an advert I had on gumtree and attached numbered photos. When I replied, her next reply had more numbered photos, just how Georg described. She claims to have fallen in love with me and wants 500 euros to fly to my country to get to know me better. I know it's a scam but she keeps replying and sending different numbered photos, I've got some of her in groups of people so I don't know if these are family photos or other scammers. I would be very happy to mail these to this website. I'm going to play her to get more info because that helps everyone.
Status of report: is still without proof