Scam report about Svetlana Dihtenko

First name:  Svetlana
Last name:  Dihtenko
Age:  29
Location:  Ukraine, Rodakovo
Address:  Rodakovothe Shevchenko street,6
Phone:  says don't have
On websites:  ParPerfeito
Report:  Good Day Joao!!! A good day again. Thank you. Thank you for writing me. Thank you forgiving me a hope that I will not be lonely anymore. Thank you forgiving me a reason to think that I can be interesting, I can bebeautiful for a man, I can be loved and I can love myself. Of course Ican. Joao darling I thank you so much for your such beautiful words tome. You are right, I really do have lot of love in my heart and I wantto give my heart to right man. I thank you so much for your lovingphoto. You are great man and your dog is so cute. As for the areawhere I live. You have found right information :-) Darling I thank youfor giving me your address. Of course I will give you mine. It is : the name of receiver Svetlana Dihtenkothe TOWN Rodakovothe address Shevchenko street,6zip code 93743country UKRAINE As for the translation darling, thank you for your care about that andthank you for telling me that I can write you in my language. But howwill you translate my letters? With the help of electronic translator?I know that there are different free translating sites. And beforewriting to you I asked my friend who knows English to help meunderstand if it works or not. She told me that the translating withthose sites wasn't correct . I tried to write several sentences andthan translated with the free- translating site. My friend read it andtold me that the meaning was different from the things I wrote. I wantto express my thoughts to you clearly and to avoid anymisunderstandings. So the one way to do it is to use the translatingservice. As soon as I start learning English, I am sure there will notbe any more problems with communication. Joao for me it is veryimportant that you notice not only my beauty, but the way icommunicate with you, my heart. For me it is very important and I amlooking for that. You know darling, Joao it is not a secret that Iloved before. But

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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