SCAM REPORT ABOUT  peace amenku

First name: peace
Last name: amenku
Aka: princess dorlinsah
Age: 30
Location: accra ghana
Address: 45wenneba ghana africa
Phone: 011233246041810 011233272967171
Email: pretty_dorlinsah@yahoo .com
Report:     have been in contact with this girl for about 5 months. i have sent her money for passport and visa papers and partial airfair a sum of about 2000.00 dollars and was asking for 1900.00 more because it is the law to travel with a certain amount of money. she sent a document to me showing me this law. i got a little cocerned and started looking in to things (gut feeling)and found your site and started browsing the pictures she is in your data base as peace still in contact with her.can we do something?
Status of report: is still without proof