First name: Kimi
Last name: Jacob
Aka: Meena Gabriel
Age: unk
Location: Cotonou Benin
Address: 136 Atinkamey Le Face Journal, PO Box 06 BP 3667
On websites: asian euro
Report:     She is posing as a blonde dancer working for a NGO organization affiliated with the Redeemed Christian Church. She is able to quote scripture when need just as satan does. She never asked for money but she wanted to come to the USA and marry me right of the bat. She made sure that I knew she would need a health report and a police report all which could be forged just as her South African Passpport was. I verified with the SA consulate in the USA. She is good at making her appointed times to meet you on Yahoo Messager and chat for 1/2 to and hour then she'll poses that she must return to the church to do work. I wish I knew whose picture she was using to send to me? She is very convincing so don't be taken in by her good acting work. She's as phony as a rubber
Status of report: is still without proof