Scam report about Cicilia Vice

First name:  Cicilia
Last name:  Vice
Age:  27
Location:  Nigeria
Phone:  2348030530383
On websites:  OLX
Report:  Typical I am in Nigeria and need a plane ticket or money to buy a ticket there to come to her supposed home in Rhode Island. SHE IS A HE!!! He admitted this to me when I made him mad about something we are talking about. The one who suffers is the girls who's picture he used, she is probably not aware that some scammer is using it. Also admitted he would find another man to scam so be careful and know who you are talking with here, see them on cam or talk to them by phone. He also tried to talk on the phone as a woman, not even close to a woman voice. More than likely will start using another picture and e-mail address.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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