First name: Chris
Aka: Asiangoddess
Age: 26
Location: Phillipines
On websites:
Report:     This girl has 2 ids on the seekingchristian is listed as ID 94616(age 26,104 lbs(47kg) & Height 5'56(168cm).She is also listed as ID 78736(Age 25 & known as Asiangoddess with(115 lbs(52kg) weight & also 5'39(163 cm)height.She has exactly the same picture recorded for the 2 different ID's.Very interestingly, after I let my membership lapse I then received a strong expression of interest email from this girl but once I registered back onto this website & sent a reply there was no further response.Possibility exists that the  the website could be suspicious as well as this has happened to me twice on this website with 2 different girls & they manage to score a renewed membership fee from me twice with this technique!!
Status of report: is still without proof