SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Oksana Novikova

First name: Oksana
Last name: Novikova
Age: 26
Location: Cheboksary, Russia
Report:     This woman first contacted me back in June. It started out friendly then grew. I started to fll for her. She sent photos then became more erotic. She said she loved me and wanted to visit. Then asked for 400 euros. I almost sent it then I saw her picture on a site. I played her for a while. I figured she wasted my time. why not waste hers. She became persistent about the money. She finally got angry with me and stopped sending letters. I then told her I knew who she was and told her I thought she is a horrible person. Thank God I never sent the money. I hope the authorities catch up with her and put her in jail with the rest of the trash. The last time I spoke with her was about the second week of August. I hope she rots.
Status of report: is still without proof