SCAM REPORT ABOUT  mbema aminu

First name: mbema
Last name: aminu
Aka: mb aminu
Age: 29
Location: 13th ave ;kanda highway accra ghana 00233
Report:     the following person has been corresponding with me for over 6 months now. refused to let me view her on webcam and never wanted to talk on phone; until i told her i will end the friendship and stop filing for her, she sent me an national ID what appears to be fake. the pics on id was that of jessica karumbe but name on ID is mbema aminu. she said she lives at a hostel. i compleed her to get a webcam and when she appeared on cam, she never even look close the jessica's pics. not only that, a boy was typing for her while she sits before the with her hand on her cheek and i watch the guy typing, a girl was standing by also guiding her how to pose. a girl called me at home the same stating she is on webcam now. 011233206873372 was the # i tried to call back several times but no answer.mbema appears to be using several id's in my name. i believe this hostel is a place used for scammers. i did not send any money to her. she mentioned she new an immigration officer in ghana who will give her a visa and all i have to send is 2,100 us dollars and he do the rest. im hoping this guy will meet me online so, i plan to bait him.
Status of report: is still without proof