Scam report about TATYANA ODINTSOVA

First name:  TATYANA
Last name:  ODINTSOVA
Age:  30
Address:  662622
On websites:  DATING
Report:  I have been corrcorresponding with this person since sept 25th, I received a responce to a add I had on form this person, I received numerous letters telling me that she want's to come to the usa and live. Well I did some checking, I checked out the ip address she is using and come to find out it is regestered to Vasiliy Golovin so I ran a check on him and he is a known scammer in russia. I am still in contact with her or him playing a little game, today I was asked to send some money via moneygram to the following address. Tatyana Odintsova Zelyonyj Bor Russia Krasnoyarsk region Area Minusinsky postal index:662622 street:Zhuravleva I have all the letters that was sent to me, I would like this person prosecuted.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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