First name: Rose
Last name: Lamptey
Aka: Rossy Sam
Age: 29
Location: Lagos- Nigeria
Address: 11 airport road
Phone: 002348025612786
Email: /
On websites: Tagget
Report:     It has me 4 months ago and written to me after some time swore their love. She said her parents while in a car accident in Illinois had lost their lives. She lives in Nigeria with a friend and has no money. She wanted to come to me and asked me repeatedly asked for money. For several papers, for the flight, and then again and again. Overall in 4 months of 5000 Euro. I was a fool. It has the most beautiful love letters. They flew seems to me, and was in London curbed because their papers. The while not in order. They flew back to Nigeria, and again needed money. And so went the next.I have pointed out that it is a scammer. And she says it would be all wrong. All the while photos from the Internet. It would have once a model.
Status of report: is still without proof