Scam report about Natalia Shina

First name:  Natalia
Last name:  Shina
Location:  Cheboksari-Ekateringurg
Address:  MIRA str. 16 CHEBOKSARY 428000 RUSSIA
Report:  ...she wanted to come here in italy and wanted money from me for tickets. i said no to her so she said that a friend of her, here in italy, had money to give to her and needed my account to transfer money to her. She asked my account number, only my account number, no passwords. I thought no risks and gave her my account number. After, i don't know how, with only my account number she tried to move money from another customer of the same bank of me on my account. She almost succeeded in it. Only sms on the mobile of the other customer stopped the operation. So at everybody eyes i am the one that has organized all. Very difficult to go there and tell the story of a ...girl, I don't know where... that wanted i don't know what... you understand how it is easy that the judge can say that i am the guilty one and the girl is only a creation of mine only a way to escape from my responsabilities. this is the name: NATALIA SCHINA MIRA str. 16 CHEBOKSARY 428000 RUSSIA but it can be of course false. So i have nothing in my hands... I already did a search on her '' IP'' i think it the name and the origin of her emails was EKATERINBURG... so you understand...

Status of report:  is still without proof

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